"You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with"- The benefits of our team!

As the vision of Design DNA started coming into fruition, so many of my closest friends and colleagues struggled with understanding why I would endeavor to bring a team together for "this type of business". It definitely could have been easier to stick to my own lane, but working in the corporate world for so long I have seen the value in having a good team. Whether we are doing the same exact job or not, we can learn and grow from one another so much! As Jim Rohn says, "You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with." so there is an incredible amount of power in surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals to motivate and grow! So here are my top 3 reasons why having a team of creatives is such a benefit for you, our consumers!

1. One-Stop-Shop

As a freelancer you have niche, one thing that you do. While this makes you an expert in that particular area, it makes the costumers have to shop around to different places to have their entire project done. This isn't just applicable in the business world, the same thing happens in your personal life too. For example, planning a wedding. You find a photographer to take the engagement pictures, now you need to search through endless amounts of websites to find the perfect announcements, and then the actual wedding invitations, do you use the same photographer for the big day, what about all the printable items for the wedding? And even when it's over and you still have to find the perfect thank you cards....the endless amount of research you do is exhausting and stressful. Well no more! With our team we can handle all the pictures and all the materials you need created. The need for team such as ours isn't just for your personal life, it's for your business too! You need logo's created, websites designed, professional portraits, branding images, and you also need to have a strong social media and things written and edited! Again, it's a one stop shop with our team.

2. We push each other

Anyone who has owned their own business, or who has worked as a freelancer can understand how easy it is to be ok with the status quo. Without having team members around to constantly communicate with, you don't have someone pushing you to do more or get better. It's not just about the competitive aspect that it can bring, but with all being creative people we can add ideas and insight to every project! So you aren't just hiring the one individual when you work with Design DNA, you're hiring a whole team who will make sure your project is everything you could imagine.

3. We are professional

As a freelancer working from home, there are days when it can seem like so much is on your plate, and sadly things can be put on the back burner instead of prioritized like it needs to be. So as a team we have multiple weekly meetings scheduled, multiple messages, and emails daily, all to the benefit of making sure that the job is done and done right! With multiple eyes on your project you can be rest assured that the results will be what you want. You have a company you are working with, not just an individual you are putting your trust in.

The journey with Design DNA is far from being over, there will be more team members in the future, and we will continue to make sure that we can offer our clients everything they have been searching for! Keep following our journey, and if you have more questions about the services that we offer, reach out! We would love to help you, whether it's for a personal project or business.

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