Weddings Weddings Weddings!!!

I remember the very first wedding I was nervous as hell, but when I loaded those first pictures onto my computer I was HOOKED!!! Nothing beats realizing you knocked it out of the park on someones special day!

My first Wedding

In 2021 I did my first out of state wedding. The clients flew me out all the way from Idaho where I am based to Memphis, Tennessee!!! To say I was blown away that someone loved my work that much, that they wanted me to fly out to them...UNDERSTATEMENT! It's then that I realized I wanted to set a goal that throughout my career I want to do a wedding or session in all 50 states, luckily for me I'm at the start and should have loads of time to reach that goal!

So if you have stumbled across my website and love me work, but your bummed that you don't live in IDAHO...well that's not stopping me!

Wedding in Memphis, TN

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