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Updated: Jan 12, 2021

The Real Estate Market is always changing and having worked as a Marketing Director and Director of Operations for a Real Estate group, I know how busy being a Realtor can be! As a Realtor, you have to constantly hustle and in doing so, sometimes you can't have a high level of Marketing you as an individual Realtor or even as a Group needs! That is where Design DNA comes in! From creating Logos, Branding Packages, Client Gifts, even Photography, and Staging!

So let's talk about your image! Your logo gives most clients their first impression of you, do you have a modern vibe, or are you behind with the times? Are you focused on Real Estate, or are you potential a part-time Realtor? You definitely want people to know you understand the importance of Marketing since they are hiring you to either search a Market for their new home, or they are trusting you in Marketing their home to sell. Your logo should feel clean, fresh, and Modern. Our Graphic Designer Bethany completely understands that, as her own Father is a Realtor in Florida! Not only can she create an amazing new logo, but she can also create crisp clean marketing materials such as door hangers, listing presentations, new buyers guides, and more!

Perhaps you need a total Branding Package, this could be everything from Professional Grade images to be used on the website and Social Media, a complete rehaul of your logo and color scheme, even re-vamping your website! With a package that we can customize to fit your needs, we can offer a discounted price when you purchase multiple items from either our Graphic Designer Bethany or Professional Photographer Mia!

This brings me to the importance of Photography! We know how much people are viewing homes online first, versus viewing a home in person. If the images you portray online aren't top-notch then you are doing your buyers and sellers a complete disservice. You truly need professional (and updated) headshots, branding images, and the photography of your listings should NEVER be done on your cellphone. In this crazy market make sure that you are always putting your best foot forwards and leaving your clients with the best impression of you!

The absolute last impression a client has of their realtor is their closing gift. I remember being a first time home buyer feeling so underwhelmed by our realtor when their parting gift was a $10 restaurant gift card....I mean how much money had we just made them, THOUSANDS. I wanted to feel like they cared about us buying our first home, and that they appreciated the business we brought them. What can say that than offering a photo shoot in their home! People put off Family pictures because of price or time, and you can help them capture not only their exciting new adventure but offer them cherished memories for years to come. So whether you are wanting just the photoshoot or buy a New Home package that includes custom made postcards for your clients to announce their new move (and advertises you as their realtor), this could be an option that makes a client feel more cared for and appreciated than a trinket with your logo they will probably just throw away.

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