Mini Sessions!

When getting pictures with little kids even a half-hour session can just be too much! That's part of the reason why I enjoy doing mini sessions so much! A session done in just 15 minutes and you get 5 fully edited images, makes it the perfect way to capture children's personalities or to even get a few pictures of the whole family together. You can even convince your husband it won't be complete torture for a great date night!!!

This year, I decided to plan out every themed session! This gives everyone plenty of time to plan out outfits and to mark their calendars! So whether you wanting something for Spring, Summer, or Christmas, we have got you covered!!! And with the price being so cheap in a mini session you could get pictures every month and truly capture how much your little ones are growing throughout the year!

Maybe an overly cutesy themed picture isn't for you, I get that! Well, regular mini sessions can be booked at any time of the month! So if you want just a fun date night or a great way to capture moving into your new home, or just pictures that aren't a selfie you can book that too!!!

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