It's in our DNA

If there is something that we have always admired about our Mother growing up, it is that she always went above and beyond to make our rooms special and unique to us. I (Mia) remember offhandedly mentioning that I loved Pokemon (don't judge) and the next thing I knew I had new Pikchu pillows made for my bed, and at least once a year someones room was getting completely renovated for a new theme. As we got older the desire and love for making sure each room and part of the house reflected our personality only continued to grow, which is where the desire to create Design DNA came about! With our combined efforts we enjoy helping others have rooms to reflect their families personalities too! Whether your a busy Mom who pins everything on Pinterest and just doesn't have the time to put it together, or you feel like you don't even know where to start in your decorating process then schedule a meeting with Design DNA today to put together your dream room!

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