Gem State Dates

As a company Design DNA is passionate about supporting local businesses here in East Idaho! So when our team thought of the idea of creating a date/adventure book filled only with local small businesses we knew we had to do it!!!

Gem State Dates, in not a local guide or discount book by any means. It's filled with our favorite places to go for ideas and then it gives you an activity, discussion prompt, or challenge to do while there! Whether it's spending the day talking in an accent, recording yourself singing a song, or dressing up in a themed outfit; you will have a blast on the date!

Better yet, none of these dates are big company franchises! When you go on these dates, you will be supporting your friends, family, and neighbors; roughly 50+ businesses, and multiple parks and hike locations as well. Included as a fun activity on 3 of the dates is a free mini session. These sessions in themselves is a $150 value, and the book only costs $40!!!!

Pre-orders for these books are taking place now!

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