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Updated: Mar 19

I truly don't know of another photographer who does event shoots like I do. I don't say that to brag, but I really don't. Tons of photographers will have paid models and do styled shoots, but "every day" women don't get those Pinterest worthy picture experience! Also I think for photographers it creates a really false portfolio, posing a paid model is EASY...walking a client through how to stand, act, feel, ect. can be a challenge. Despite how challenging it might be, when that hardworking gorgeous gal gets her gallery and sees her strength, beauty, poise...PRICELESS.

Ice Palace Feb 2022

So I started picking fun, off-the-wall themes and women are LOVING it! What makes the experience even better, is after one of these shoots, these women are HOOKED! Often I have the same women booking again and again and the friendships I see forming are amazing. You don't feel awkward or strange in public, because you are doing it all with friends!

Mental Health Awareness Jan 2022

I do these event shoots every month, I offer a slight discount at first. This helps my continual clients be able to afford attending these shoots every time! The best part, as a creative I get the types of shoots that truly feed my soul!

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