Anyone can do it, right? Wrong!

Let's face it, pretty much everyone has a Social Media account of some sort nowadays. So when it comes to running your Social Media for your business, that means everyone should be an expert. SO WRONG! Social Media platforms are constantly changing their algorithms, so keeping up with how to get the most ROI on your accounts is a full-time job! Here are some basic reasons why it pays to pay a trained, and/or experience professional when it comes to running Social Media!

1) Time- Researching the ever-changing rules of the various platforms, could honestly be a full-time job in itself. Practically on a daily basis what will get you the largest audience and engagement with that audience differs. As a business owner, you just don't and/or shouldn't have the time to dedicate to figuring all these things out, delegate the responsibility to someone else so that you can focus on what you do best!

2) Creativity- Running a business account is not the same as running a personal profile. While people love the raw behind-the-scenes posts everyone once in a while, you can't have your entire page like this. You want to hire someone who can emulate the voice of your company, but who also has the skills and professionalism to provide creative and engaging content. This isn't just about who can put together templates on the free version of Canva though! People with a background in Marketing, Graphic Design, Administration, Sales, Photography, are honestly those who excel at this the most!!! You want videos, you want professional images, you need grammatically correct posts, and most of all you want the SALES.

3) Protection- It might seem strange that this could be a reason given, but let me explain. We all know that people like to troll and stir up trouble on Social Media. When you don't have the time to keep up on your page, something super simple can easily get out of hand. But, when you have someone dedicated to maintaining your page they can quickly delete these comments and protect your business. The last thing any small business needs is slander and most trolls are just looking for a fight. It's also easy for a business owner to take the comments personally and be combative back. So having that 3rd party involved, who can see the needs of the business, can protect you from that as well!

The idea that just anyone can do Social Media Management/Marketing for a business, is like saying anyone can do your job. While there may be some truth to that statement, the fact of the matter is, is that no one can do it WELL without the training and experience. So picking someone who has that and the right "voice" for your business should be of the utmost importance to you. People pretty much live and breathe on their Social Media accounts, so make sure you are meeting your clients where they are at!

Our entire team here at Design DNA has the training, and the experience to help your business! Click on our Social Media platform to see our various services and prices.

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