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We all see the posts about searching for and needing an "affordable photographer" or a "budget-friendly photographer". I wouldn't ever classify myself as fitting this specific requirement for people, but I can say I've priced myself for the value that I do. I also offer discounts around holidays, anniversaries, and what not, so for anyone needing to fit a certain budget restraint I highly encourage them to follow my socials to know about specials I run. But there is one thing I offer that can literally save my clients thousands, and I don't know of another photographer who does this...

I have a ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM!!!! I've had so many return clients that I wanted to find a way that would save them money, and let me be a little bit more prepared for their sessions. So here's what a membership will get you:

1) Attend every monthly themed event shoot

2) 50% off annual retreat (making the cost only $800 for a whole weekend)

3) 10% off any other photoshoot you want to book for a year (family, branding, real estate, or more)

This has been a program that my clients LOVE, and I love being able to offer it to them! So if you are interested, send me an inquiry today and I can get you started on buying your own membership!

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