Why start

Design DNA?

What started out as a pipe dream, grew to be a one-man show in early 2020.  After 7 months running a successful Photography and Social Media Marketing business, I discovered that there was a great need in the East Idaho area to bring a group of diverse Professional Creatives together to offer small businesses the total package!  Now clients can get everything from their logo creation, professional pictures, to having the day to day office things run by a team full of experience.  And what if you don't have a business, how does Design DNA benefit you?  Say it's time for the holidays and your getting your Christmas pictures taken, now you have to also go and search for the perfect card to match???  Not anymore we can offer your holidays, events, birthday's, ect a more stressfree option and take care of putting everything together for you!

So what do you do?

In a highly growing online market, freelance creatives are a dime a dozen.  So many people thinking they can do a job because they've run their own personal social media accounts, or because they know how to use the free version of Canva.  That's not going to give our clients what you actually need!  So I've interviewed and brought onto the team highly motivated individuals who have the training and experience to give you our clients the best option!  With multiple meetings a week, it's also my job to ensure that all your demands as a client are being met and that at the end of the contract/job you are left 100% satisfied with the work the Design DNA has provided!

So how do I get started?

We can't wait to work with you!  But the first question to ask, what are you looking for?  Some jobs can only be done by 1 individual on the team, and for some jobs, you get to pick who you want!  So take a look on our Meet the Team page to learn more about our amazing team members and to look through their portfolio's and pricing lists!  From there you can send me an email to get started at mia@designdna.online or give me a call at 208-520-1743!

To Contact Mia:

Phone: 208-520-1743

Email: mia@designdna.online