Growing up with an entrepreneur as a Father, and having one as a husband, Bethany understands the importance of great design and marketing in small businesses!  As a graduate from BYU-I, with a degree in Art with an emphasis in Graphic Design, Bethany has been work 7+ years as a Freelance Graphic Designer.  Her self-starting drive, and creative imagination, make her a valuable asset to the Design DNA team. 

Bethany offers her many talents that help companies narrate their stories through visual design.  Color, typography, and logo styles help companies communicate their consumer goods and their standards.  Designing your holiday cards, wedding invitations, or even personal announcements, can help capture your personality for all your friends and family!  Click the button below to see all of Bethany's services and her portfolio! 



Kelsey B. Toney has written everything from award-winning fiction to jingles you probably didn't realize have become permanently lodged in your brain. She is passionate about helping clients craft clean, clear, and curated content for websites, marketing materials, newsletters, and more. Don't need anything written from scratch? Kelsey can help hone your pre-existing content as a skilled editor with a keen eye for parallelism, structure, and voice. Kelsey's sharp creative eye extends past the written word, and she loves helping clients brainstorm marketing campaigns from top to bottom. If your business needs a little love (or a swift kick in the pants), Kelsey is an enthusiastic resource with open arms (and very cute boots). 



Savanna Berret has focused her career on taking away other people's stress!  As a busy mom with a rambunctious toddler, she understands that people need to be able to focus on their business and not the mundane tasks of the day. So with multiple courses under her belt and over 2 years of experience as a Freelance Virtual Assistant and Social Media Manager, she is the ideal candidate for making sure you are taken care of!

Savanna offers multiple packages for Social Media Content creation and management and her Virtual Assistant work, and she soon will have even more services to offer with the completion of multiple courses coming up!  Click on the button below to find out how Savanna can be a valuable asset to your company! 


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As a Mom of 4, Mia understands the craziness that life brings!  This is part of her passion behind starting Design DNA.  As a business owner, who has time to go to multiple different businesses to take care of all your marketing needs?  In your personal life, who has the time to search for a photographer and then also search for the perfect card or invitation designs?  So Mia took care of that stress for you!  By bringing together a team of Professional Creatives, your needs can be met with a one-stop-shop environment!


Mia is not just the business owner, she is also a Professional Creative on the team too! Mia offers multiple services to her clients; Photography, Social Media Management, Virtual Assistant Packages, and more.  Click on the link below to see all of her services and her portfolio!


Meet The Team

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Phone: 208-520-1743