Instagram Feed


Available month-to-month or on a quarterly contract (discount available)

4 Unique text-based instagram posts

4 Unique image-based instagram posts

8 Custom captions, optimized for engagement

8 Targeted hashtag lists for increased exposure



Live Video/ Social Story Event Host

Do you want to capitalize on the populatiry of instagram and facebook "stories" or livestreams? These video-based posts can create dynamic engagement from your followers and dramatically increase user-action on your platforms. 

Let Kelsey be your on-camera hostess, showcasing your products, talking about services, and presenting promotions to your audience.

Instagram/Facebook stories - package with up to 10 segments 


Facebook or Youtube LIVE presentation -  approximately 15 minutes



Comment Management

Do you need someone who can read and respond to your followers on social media? 

Kelsey can provide the personable, timely replies for you, on a monthly basis.

You'll provide some basic customer-service related information, policies, and tone preferences. She will be there to respond, share information, and direct customers to more help if needed. 



To Contact Mia:

Phone: 208-520-1743