Hello, I'm Mia 

Wanting to get a brief intro to who is taking your photos, here it is!  In all my nerdy realistic humor.  What I do isn't my job, this is truly a part of who I am.  It's in my DNA!!!

My Story

People always ask me how long I've been taking photos and the answer is FOREVER.  My grandparents were photographers!  I grew up using old school film cameras, developing in dark rooms, and learning strictly on PHOTOSHOP.  Photography was how I viewed the beauty in the world, and it saved me from a lot of dark times in my life.  I would love to say that since I saw their careers grow over the years that I knew it was an option career wise for me, but I went through the same amount of doubt as every creative does.  I had the "normal" jobs for years, and kept photography as just a side thing.  In 2020 I had the much needed wake-up call and decided to just jump all in and life the life I have always dreamed!  And so Design DNA was started!

As a Mom with 4 kids, I am passionate about not just taking photos though.  I want to capture personalities, memories, stories.  I want to take "risky" shots in every session, so when my clients get their galleries back they feel like it was a purely unique experience catered just to them!  I don't edit every session the same, and 95% of the time I don't use presets.  I want my clients to know that it isn't about super quick turn around time (although my average is 2 weeks), rather it's about presenting the most beautiful images I can!